Questions and Answers

What is a imgECTCOIN and how does it work?

ECTCOIN - it is a true deflationary defi coin, which burns upon transfer. Staking rewards are fully paid out by the income of the network. No more coins are (or can be) created after launch. 2% fees will be charged for every transaction. 1% out of that will be sent to a separate wallet and those coins will be used to reward the ECT holders. 1% of ECT each transaction will be burnt forever. ECTCOIN is a hyper deflationary crypto asset as mentioned above. This will reduce the total supply over time all the while demand goes up, put a stop to inflation. Once the total supply is burnt by 80% the burning function will be terminated automatically by the smart contract.

What is a imgENERGY and how does it work?

ENERGY is based on the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. A commission is applied to each transaction within the ENERGY mainnet, which is 1% of the trade performed. This fee is allocated to each of the token holder's ENERGY. With ENERGY, your income can become passive as all you have to do is hold the tokens without fear of inflation. ENERGY does not require sending tokens to non-audited staking contracts. You receive a reward by holding coins directly in your wallet. ENERGY is designed so that every transaction within the network occurs without gas, and smart contracts reward you for this. Redistribution is happening all the time. That is all based on the volume and amount of transactions you will receive each day; however, this is a constant phenomenon. The number of ENERGY tokens does not exceed 20 million. These coins will never be issued or in circulation again.

How do I register with ECT INTERNATIONAL?

To register, you need to go to the platform and click the "Register" button, filling in the required fields in the form that appears in English. Then you need to click "Register". A letter was sent to the postal address specified during registration with a link to activate your account. To enter, use the username and password that you specified during registration.

How to become a ECT INTERNATIONAL investor?

First of all, you need to make sure that you are a member of ECT INTERNATIONAL. Making a deposit is possible only if this condition is met since all deposits are made through the user's Personal Account.

How do i know who is my sponsor?

You can see who your sponsor is on the "My Network" page.

When will the ECT.INTERNATIONAL tokens be listed on exchanges?

We are in talks with reputed cryptocurrency exchanges for listing of the ECT.INTERNATIONAL tokens and we expect the ECT.INTERNATIONAL tokens to be listed within of distribution completion.

Can ECTCOIN and ENERGY token’s value steady and tend to be increased?

ECT.INTERNATIONAL team’s vision is to grow the token’s value by using it actively and passively an ecosystem. Thus, the value of the token can be maintained and tend to be increased over time.

What is binary bonus?

The Binary Bonus is calculated based on the total sales accumulated in the left and right binary legs. The amount of the Binary Bonus is up to of the accumulated sales in a weaker leg.

How is this calculated?

Example, you accumulated 5000 USDT in your left leg, which equals 5000 BV Binary Points , and 7000 BV in your right leg. In a weak leg amounts to a bonus 5000 BV. Used Binary Points will be deducted from both legs, and the remaining ones will be carried for ward to the next week.

What is binary bonus limit?

Binary Bonus Limit is the maximum Binary Bonus you can earn weekly.

What is binary points (BV)?

Binary Points are points you earn when your downline users make any purchase in any quantity. 1 USDT is equal to 1 Binary Point (BV). Binary Points are used to calculate bonuses.

Binary bonus calculation

The bonus (BV) is calculated weekly monday.

What is direct bonus?

Direct Bonus is accrued for each product sold in your structure. User status depends on the cost of packages activated by the user. The higher the user status, the more as well (%) for a direct bonus.

What is sponsor?

A sponsor is the agent who introduced you to ECT.INTERNATIONAL.

Processing time for withdrawal requests?

Any bonuses can be withdrawn every day the minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USDT. The withdrawal is available in BTC. The withdrawal process usually takes 2 days. In case of a high load on the blockchain network, as well as a large number of requests from users, the processing of the transactions can take up to 5 days.

Is it possible to make a direct deposit from your balance?

Yes, for this, you need to log into your account and click "deposit now".

How are funds withdrawn?

In your account, you can find the “Withdrawal” section.

What if I forgot my password?

Follow the "forgot password" anchor to recover your lost password by entering your email address to receive information about your account details.

Is it possible to make an additional deposit after opening an account?

Yes, but keep in mind that each transaction is processed separately.

Is it possible to withdraw the referral reward?

The reward accrued under the referral program can be either reinvested or withdrawn.

How to find out your referral link to attract partners?

In the Personal Account, you need to go to the "Referral Statistic" section by copying and sending the partner's link.